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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked the same questions, so to save you time we have a collection of the answers to those questions, click on one of the questions below for the answer.

Can the RadioNet Monitoring System be bypassed by intruders?

The Radionet Monitoring communication system operates on a totally secure, independent nationwide radio network dedicated to the security industry. It operates by sending an instantaneous alert from your alarm to your monitoring centre, followed up by zone descriptions etc. In other words, the moment you or an intruder hear the siren of the security alarm system, within 1-2 seconds (VHF System) the monitoring centre will be notified via the Radionet system. As it works totally independent to any telephone line, it makes no difference to the Radionet Monitoring System if the telephone is cut, out of order or damaged; the alarm signal WILL be transported to your monitoring centre. Even in a power outage, the Radionet Monitoring System has sufficient power backup to operate for a minimum of 24 hours.

Will the Radionet Monitoring System work with any alarm system?

The Radionet Monitoring wireless system has been designed to cater for all major brands and models of security alarm systems. It consists of multiple inputs as well as an input that caters for all the alarm system codes. This means that in the event your alarm system does not have a built in dialer, you can still be protected. Furthermore, the Radionet Monitoring System will get the vital information from your alarm to your monitoring centre in a fraction of the time that the old-fashioned telephone (landline) system is capable of.

Surely if my telephone line is damaged or cut my monitoring centre will know?
The answer to this is yes, however it can take up to 5 days after the line has been damaged for them to notice. The reason for this is because your monitoring centre does not test your alarm system OR your phone line – ever! Your monitoring centre waits for your alarm to send signals to it. If your phone line is cut, damaged or the exchange is down, your monitoring company will not receive any more alarm signals until the phone line is reinstated. That means no phone line, no alarm signals to monitoring and NO PROTECTION FOR YOU! This is not the case with the Radionet Monitoring System; we do not rely on old-fashioned phone lines.

Will the Radionet Monitoring System interfere with my broadband?

The answer is quite simply NO. It works totally independent to your phone lines and your broadband connection.

Does the Radionet Monitoring System have a power backup?

YES. In fact, depending on security system and installation, the Radionet Monitoring System can work up to 30 days without mains power, yet still efficiently transport vital information to your monitoring centre.

Will the Radionet Monitoring system work without phone lines?

Absolutely YES. This innovation makes the RadioNet Monitoring System not only very secure but, without the need for old fashioned phone lines for monitoring signals, lends itself to additional styles of monitored alarms (examples listed below) as well as homes and businesses:

  • Boat Alarms
  • Car Alarms
  • Campervan and Caravan alarms.
  • Building sites
  • Construction sites at lockup stages
  • Portable alarms or panic system
  • Industrial, machinery and control equipment alarms.

In fact, think of any application and Radionet Monitoring has a totally wireless monitoring solution for you. For further information or a customized wireless monitoring solution, contact Radionet Monitoring by the contact page or request a quote from any of the monitoring centres that offer the Radionet Monitoring service.

Will the Radionet Monitoring system work with my fire alarm?

YES it will. In fact we have different models for literally every security application. The radionet Monitoring system is also recognized by the New Zealand Fire Department.

Is the Radionet Monitoring System expensive?

NO. All Monitoring Centres nationwide that utilise the RadioNet Monitoring network have a custom package just for you. All it takes is the time to complete the online form or contact the 0800 WIREFREE number.

Can the Radionet Monitoring System talk to my cell phone?

The answer is YES. Most of the monitoring centres that offer the Radionet Monitoring Service can offer a service whereby your alarm system can report to your cell phone. This is NOT recommended as the primary method to raise the alarm, as it is generally not a managed facility and cell phone coverage can be unreliable.

How fast is the Radionet Monitoring System?

Compared to the old-fashioned telephone line monitoring, extremely fast. In fact the entire communication time taken from the transmitter to the monitoring centre generally takes in the region of 1 – 2 seconds.

Do we have to take long term monitoring contracts?

The simple answer is NO. The monitoring centres can formulate a custom monitoring package for you. For further information please complete the online form or contact 0800 WIREFREE.

Does Radionet Monitoring offer a nationwide service?

YES. We cover all major cities nationwide and the bulk of the smaller towns. As Radionet monitoring is constantly embarking on expanding their smaller town network, if your town is not currently covered, it will be shortly.

How can I get a quote?

To receive a quote is very simple. If you have the time please complete the online form and the monitoring centre of your choice will be in touch within 24 hours. For those who don’t wish to complete the form themselves, please contact 0800 WIREFREE for assistance.

Can all monitoring centres offer the Radionet Monitoring service?

Most of all major monitoring centres nationwide offer the Radionet Monitoring service. Radionet Monitoring is the fastest growing nationwide radio service provider to the security industry. See a full list of monitoring companies on this website or contact Radionet Monitoring on 0800 WIREFREE if you require a list of monitoring centres that have not committed to this package.

How can we contact Radionet Monitoring?

Simply go to the contact page on this website and complete the fields.

Is telephone line monitoring vulnerable?

The answer to this is YES. Contrary to popular belief, your alarm system cannot report to your monitoring centre if your telephone line is non operational for whatever reason. If your phone line is not working, you cannot use it either. Your alarm is no different.This applies to IP monitoring over broadband as well as it uses the same copper wires as your telephone. This is not the case with the Radionet Monitoring System.
Is the Radionet Monitoring System secure?

YES it is. The Radionet Monitoring system uses a totally isolated nationwide radio network and is totally isolated from the general public or outside world. In short, the vital alarm information that is going to your monitoring centre cannot be intercepted or diverted as with telephone lines or landlines. In IT terms, the Radionet Monitoring service is greater that 256 AES, and utilises a 16-bit CRC calculation and Checksum to verify data.

If I want to change companies, am I bound to my monitoring centre?

The answer is NO. If your monitoring centre is not providing the service you require or expect, the radionet monitoring device can be diverted to any monitoring centre of your choice that utilises the Radionet Monitoring network. However, if you are bound by contract to the monitoring centre, or if the transmitter device is not owned by you, then you will need to discuss the matter with your monitoring centre.

What if I don’t have an alarm? Can I still utilise Radionet Monitoring?

In some cases YES, however this needs to be discussed with an expert.

Every monitoring centre that utilises the Radionet Monitoring network will gladly give you advice and a quotation for a security system to suit your budget. For more information complete the online form or phone 0800 WIREFREE.

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