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RadioNet Enterprise Transmitter

FalconThis powerful GPRS transmitter sets a new standard in GPRS TCP/IP communication. It is compatible with ALL makes and models of alarm systems, offering secure communication from your alarm system to a monitoring centre of your choice nationwide.
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RadioNet Tx75x Transmitter

TX75X-RADIO-TRANSMITTER---6Speed, reliability and secure communication. This powerful transmitter works within a totally secure private nationwide network, and is capable of communicating transporting vital alarms from your premises to a monitoring centre of your choice in a little as 1 second.

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RadioNet Pendant Remotes

FSK Product Shots 13These remotes with in conjunction with the Radionet Enterprise and Tx75x transmitters. They are reliable and have a unique code hopping protocol offering instant panic, medical, and a host of other applications


Antenna Selection

With each Radionet Enterprise purchase you have a selection of antenna’s to meet every application.

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Signal Strength Chart

The Enterprise displays the signal strength available to it.

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